Boarding Tips and Tricks for Your Cat

Boarding Tips and Tricks for Your Cat

It is quite common for a pet owner to place their beloved pet in a boarding facility in order to eliminate worry over their animal's well-being while away on a trip. It is a responsible way to ensure that your animals are provided for, played with, and looked after while you are away and is most commonly an option taken by dog owners. But what about cats?

There are actually many excellent, trustworthy facilities which accommodate the needs of both owner and their cat . With the right knowledge, you will be able to locate and choose the perfect boarding facility, giving you peace of mind and your kitty companion the best experience possible.

Here are a few tips on how to find the best possible care for your cat while you are away.

  • Take a Tour: It is important for your peace of mind and cat's comfort that you are able to see the area where your cat will be housed during his or her stay. If the facility declines tours, this is a major red flag as it could indicate that there are things they may not want you to see.
  • Take a Deep Breath: While on your tour, note if there is a strong odor of excrement and urine. This will indicate how well the area is cleaned and how often. If the smell is anywhere from very strong to overpowering, this would not be a good environment for your pet.
  • Five Star Accommodation: Always check out the space before booking your cat in. Take note of cage sizes and be sure your cat will have plenty of room to explore, not shoved into a tiny kennel for the duration of their stay.  
  • Required Vaccinations: Inquire if it is mandatory that all boarded cats be up to date on vaccinations and tested for diseases. This will greatly reduce the risk of your cat contracting an illness.
  • Hands On: Make sure to find out how much attention will be given to your cat on a daily basis. Daily interaction will be crucial in keeping your kitty as comfortable as possible.
  • No Dogs Allowed: This is a crucial tip. Ensure the facility is specific to cats and does not house dogs as well. Even if dogs are kept in an entirely separate area, their sounds and smells can cause great anxiety for a cat, especially in new surroundings.
  • It's Personal: Inquire whether or not you are allowed to leave your cat some personal items such as a bed, toys, food, or litter. Being surrounded by the comforts of home can help keep your cat calm and happy as being in an unfamiliar place can be frightening to  them.
  • On Call: Ask for the name and number of the veterinarian who will be on standby in case of emergency. Find out how the employees will handle the situation if your cat becomes ill. If you are not satisfied with the plan of action, try another facility. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you successfully identify the best boarding option for your kitty the next time you are planning a trip.